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Fishing BC: Sunshine Coast

Vast and lightly populated, British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast is rich in both fishing opportunity
and scenery. Rugged coastline, glowing Pacific salt water and a year-round presence of Chinook
salmon make it easy to see why the Sunshine Coast is one of B.C’s most attractive saltwater
fishing destinations.

Dotted with islands and small inlets, the Sunshine Coast is a productive fishery for all five
species of Pacific salmon as well as halibut, ling cod and a multitude of bottom-dwelling
species. “15 knots, one hour, in rough seas”, says Simon Hayter of OTB Charters as he
strategically crawls his compass across a nautical chart. Simon is planning the next day’s
fishing near Texada Island. OTB, or “over the beach”, is a military term that translates to “will
still work when wet”

“Simon and I originally started OTB Charters as a boat-access camping and touring business”,
says Liz Hayter. Simon and Liz operate out of the modestly-sized town of Pender Harbour,
located on the Sunshine Coast. Growing interest from friends and guests motivated them to
purchase a true fishing vessel and operate saltwater charters. “The best way to see British Columbia is from the water.”

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