Sailing Solar Project


About us and our goals


I’m a documentary and commercial filmmaker from Vancouver BC and Daena, a registered nurse with her side mission of preventative healthcare. Daena and myself are sailing our boat to hurricane affected areas in an effort to rebuild and help the community regain self sufficiency by bringing with us on our travels the power of the sun. We have the ability to bring the resources to a family in need to regain the ability to power a refrigerator, lights and other daily necessities. As we keep traveling over the years our goals include schools, community centers and clinics all over the world. Together we have sailed our solar equipped boat 2000 nautical miles from the East coast to some of the areas devastated by the recent hurricanes.

This year we had the idea to share our solar energy solution to a deserving family in need and to install a permanent solution to their home. Our story will be documented and captured through a short style documentary film showcasing our efforts and partnership with Xantrex. This content would make a great addition to the website blog and success stories of the company. Effective film storytelling has the power to make a big impact and change the way we look at the sustainability practices of a company and help consumers make better decisions when purchasing renewal energy.

The Solution


With your equipment like the Xantrex MPPT charge controller, two solar panels and a 2000W charger inverter we have the power to make a huge difference in a deserving household. Having installed multiple solar systems of our own, I’m very familiar with the process and installation safe practices.

The Logistics

Okay, you’re probably wondering how we would achieve all this? Here’s how:

  • Order and pickup solar equipment from our local Xantrex retailer.
  • Sail to Dominica or Puerto Rico on our Beneteau with the equipment stowed safely below.
  • Arrive in Dominica or Puerto Rico and meet potential families and learn about each of their needs.
  • Install the panels and associated equipment and capture the benefits and change to the household.
  • Document and film the entire journey and mission on our RED Epic cameras.
  • Edit and deliver an impactful short story and photographs in a web ready format.


Thank you!