Cinematographer, DP & Cam Op.
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Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer’s second annual Life Changing Train for Heroes travelled to Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada earlier this fall with 13 families onboard; organ donors, recipients and the organizations who support them. Our special guests from Australia, the USA, the UK and Canada were hosted by Randy Powell, President & CEO of Rocky Mountaineer. These families were honoured for their courage, spirit in the face of adversity and commitment to raising awareness for the global need for organ and tissue donation. The series of 4 videos vividly illustrates some of the challenges and joys of this complex and important issue.

We hosted heart transplant recipient Scott Rutherford and his mother Wendy from the UK. Scott met his donor’s sister, Julie for the first time during this journey. Hear their incredible story and watch the Rutherford’s moving journey onboard the Life Changing Train for Heroes.

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Producer: Teresa Toews
Director: Leah Nelson
Cinematography: Greg Bartels, Robin Leveille
Editing: Scott Tolan, Benny Scheutze


Filming Location: The Canadian Rockies


Format: Red Epic, Sony F3, CP2 - GL 18-35