Cinematographer, DP & Cam Op.
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East Shore West Shore - Mike Edel (In Studio)


I don’t think personal records are the most immediate. Maybe they’re too specific; and mine is specific. 
It’s specific to places and moments and snapshots in my mind and it’s specific to people. I made this record; I called it India, Seattle. I wrote it one Northwest Winter, recorded it the winter after, and many winters later, it will still be here reminding me.

Shot and recorded on December 18th, 2014 @ The Warehouse Studio Vancouver, BC
Shot on a Bolex EBM Arriflex SR2 and 16mm Kodak 7219 500T film



Mike Edel
Robin Leveille
Brett Rostrup
Jordan Clarke
Kasey Lum
Brian Van Wyk


Filming Location: The Warehouse