The landscape surrounding the city of Vancouver is one that has always captivated my interest since the first time I visited from Ontario. Intrigued to discover more about the mountains and ocean I moved from Ontario and bought a vintage 1964 airstream trailer to tow around on my free time of being freelance director of photography. I have shot many car commercials, documentaries and branded content over the years with DDB, Cossette, Taxi, Telus, ReThink etc.

I have towed this travel trailer all over the rockies with a gas guzzling Land Rover and I'm tired of filling up. With the surging gas prices it had me thinking of going electric. With further research I’ve discovered the new electric Range Rover and noticed that there is not much media buzz surrounding it. This car could tow my lightweight aluminum trailer across Canada or down South to California. With the abundance of charging stations in Canada and in the USA I believe it would be possible to go just about anywhere while towing this airstream without filling up at the gas station. I truly believe it would be great to showcase the power of this Range Rover electric vehicle and it's towing potential.

I would bring a group of friends and document the journey as we travel and visit some beautiful locations. With my Alexa or RED camera I would produce, shoot and cut together a 30, 60 or short style commercial piece. I've been working with ad agencies and production companies in Vancouver and I'm fully aware of the process. The great thing about this is that we own all the gear to shoot these car spots. RED, camera chase vehicle with stabilizers etc.. (see below) Now I'm not sure if you guys have any campaigns for the new PHEV Range Rover in Canada and I don't normally pitch in ideas like this but I think this would be a good one.

I have attached below some example of live action work I have produced and shot on in the past with various agencies.

Thanks for taking the time to read my concept.

- Robin Léveillé


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